SliderSafe1_1150x500SAFETY & QUALITY


At National LST Services, our safety and training programs are part of EVERY service, EVERY process….EVERY day. We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs, the safety of our employees, and the future of our environment.

Custom Built Service Trucks

Our state-of-the-art, custom designed locomotive service trucks have four layers of defense systems and protection from oil and septic spills built into the walls and floors of our truck boxes. We also have double-walled tanks.

The interior of our truck boxes is heated and insulated from the most extreme temperatures. Plastic flaps inside the doors keep the heat inside during the cold winter months to make sure the oil maintains a consistent temperature for quicker and safer service.

A platform inside the truck boxes, with steps and safety grips, allows our workers to easily and safely load additional sand into our pressurized sand vessel.

Steps and safety grips are also positioned at every door to eliminate potential risks to our employees.

Safety Action Plan

FRA Blue flag & Red flag training provided to all employees

Emergency Oil Spill Prevention & Response Plan

Compliant with all federal, state & local environmental regulations


Customized service solutions


Experienced employees